$90/night SINGLE $100/night COUPLE

Double Bed

This bedroom with a double bed, faces West and is graced with the afternoon light. Tall windows surround the room giving you the feel that you are sleeping amongst the trees. The walls are painted with ferns that also add to the experience of being surrounded by nature. The shared bathroom is just through the door. 


$90/night SINGLE $100/night COUPLE

Double Bed 

Upstairs there is a small bedroom with a double bed, made like a ship's bed with built in drawers and secret compartments custom made by a local craftsman. Let's see if you can find these secret spaces! This bedroom faces East and offers the opportunity to be awakened by the morning light shining through the trees! A shared bathroom is just down the stairs with an option to use the bathroom in the studio with a shower indoors and out!


$70/night SHARED $100/night COUPLE

1 Single Bed 

1 Double Bed 

Located upstairs in the main house is the Blue Room with a single and double bed looking out over the gardens and yard. This could be shared with a friend or another participant in the Retreat. The shared bathroom is down the stairs as well as the studio bathroom with an indoor and outdoor shower.



Tent camping is offered for up to three sites just on the edge of the yard. You must bring your own tent and camping gear. The studio will be open for you to use the bathroom at any time. The house, porch and deck are also available for you to use throughout your stay.


$110/night SINGLE $150/night COUPLE

Queen bed 

The Lakeside cabin (available only in summer, early fall and late spring) is secluded and on the lake just a short distance from the house and studio. 


The cabin has a double bed and small table and chairs. There is electricity for lighting and a small wood stove for heat in the Fall and Spring. There is no running water and the toilet facility is an outhouse just up from the cabin. The shower and bathroom in the studio is also available for use throughout your stay. Though the cabin is a little more rustic, you will find it worth it to have the proximity to the lake and greater privacy if that is what you desire! 


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